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Albino Dragon is a full-service publishing company for designer board games. We are known in the industry for working with some of the most talented artists and game designers, such as Richard Borg. We’ll take your game from the prototype stages to final production so that you don’t have to worry about all of the steps needed to get there. Have fun designing the game and leave the rest to us.


As part of the Albino Dragon brand, you’ll enjoy the benefits that come from being part of a world-class organization. We’ll personally evaluate each and every game’s marketing plan that we publish. You’ll also benefit from our rigorous playtesting, talented artists, and famous Kickstarter campaigns to boost your game sales. We attend many of the major conventions during the year so you will be represented at each of them without any further commitment.


Once we’ve accepted your game we’ll handle all of the costs associated with producing the highest quality version possible. What this means for you is that there will never be any out of pocket expenses.

Albino Dragon will handle the content creation as well as the actual production of the game. We use our industry experience and connections to produce your game so that you don’t have to learn about materials, production processes, customs, and distribution chains.