Kickstarter Case Studies

An in-depth case study of each Kickstarter we have done over the years. These each include the lessons that we learned and how they apply to both Kickstarter and general small business success.

  • Ace of Spies Kickstarter Case Study

    Project Duration: May 21st 2012 – June 20th 2012 (30 days) Likenesses Even though this is something that we did in the Genegrafter Kickstarter as well, I forgot to mention it at the time. My general advice on this is that it’s not worth the time or effort to add likenesses as a reward. There are a few of […]

  • Genegrafter Kickstarter Case Study

    Our first Kickstarter project was launched in November of 2011. This is the tale of how it launched a company and simultaneously failed as a successful Kickstarter.