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New Site – New Beginning

When I first started Albino Dragon a few years ago, I’ll admit I had no idea what I was doing or where we were headed. It was something that was fun and completely different than the corporate life I had left behind.

Kickstarter was a safety net that allowed us to try new ideas without the traditional risks associated with them. Many things have changed since then, including my vision for our future.

How do I buy things now?

Over the past year, we had really moved away from what we enjoyed most: making cool shit.

We spent way too much time packaging orders and walking them to the post office every day. That kind of thing just drains all of your creative energy, and that’s energy that we really need to create.

So we did away with the product-based, point of sale website. You can still buy our most popular items here.

You seem…different

Nope, it’s the same guys and gals making things for you. The same folks that spend nights and weekends busting their asses to make sure that things are not only done, but done well. Our interactions with our fanbase and our customers have felt so plain and proper. It’s been professional, but it was boring. We’re looking forward to being able to be a little more…us.

We look forward to sharing our opinions and invite you to join us in the creative process.

We want to geek out right there with you over all of these great things we’ve got going on, and all of the great things that we as a community have come to love.

So yeah, let’s bring on 2016 and see what we can do!


6 thoughts on “New Site – New Beginning

  1. Is the Synthesis Ouroboros Coin sold out? I probably can’t buy much of anything anytime soon anyway but I’m wondering if you’ll make more later?

    1. There are some in the warehouse, but at this time the only way to get one is to pick it up if we have it at a convention.

  2. Nice new website! Are you guys looking to hire any new team members for the new year? If so, I’d love to send you all my resume but could not find an email address anywhere!

    1. Thanks Joel! We’re not actively looking for any positions right now, but you can send your resume to [redacted] so we’ll have it on file if anything comes up.

      Volunteering for events is a really good way for us to get to you know you too.

  3. How can I sign up to be a play tester for the Goonies Adventure card game?
    I looked for a sign up here on the site, but could not find it.

    I also tried to register/sign up for the forums and could not find a way to do that either.

    1. Hi Jeremy,
      We aren’t currently taking any more play testers for The Goonies. The good news is that you shouldn’t have to wait long to play it since we are planning to launch the Kickstarter for it soon.

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