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A quick and light set collection and drafting game for the whole family. Designed by Daryl Andrews (Sagrada) and Erica Bouyouris (Roar).

Take control of a magic pen and draw the cutest monsters to bring them to life. Collect each monster to use their special abilities each round or affect your final score.

You’ll use action cards to influence where the pen is placed. Sometimes you’ll move to get the best cards for yourself and at other times you’ll try to setup your opponents to draw some monsters with negative effects.

The gameplay mechanics are simple, but the strategy goes much deeper the more you learn how different monsters interact with each other.

Ink Monsters has elegant gameplay that is easy to learn, but still contains tons of strategy.

Designed by Daryl Andrews (Sagrada, TMNT Showdown, Back to the Future: Outatime, and many more) and Erica Bouyouris, two of the industry’s hottest game designers right now.

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