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The Goonies (and the benefits of working from home)

Today we are sitting in a nice little bar in Dublin called Bram Stokers. We have wifi, food, adult beverages, and heat (this hasn’t always been the case all the time we’ve been in Ireland).

Why just work from home when you can work anywhere in the world? And it doesn’t hurt that we can eat and drink here all day too. 🙂


Last year this wouldn’t have been possible. Running orders through our e-commerce site, we couldn’t ever leave town for more than a few days before we had to return to do fulfillment.







Now, I just have to figure out how to get rid of these guys…


My girlfriend seems very attached to them though, so it may be difficult. I guess we’ll keep them for now.

One of the places we’ve been on this trip was a gaming store called Gamers World off of Jervis St. We’ve stopped in a few times on this trip to check out their game selection and prices. It’s always good to see what’s popular out in the world and how stores organize their offerings.


So what are we working on today? The Goonies!

And I couldn’t be more nervous about it.

It’s not that we’ve never run a Kickstarter before, this is something like our fifteenth. It isn’t that we haven’t made games before, this will be our fourth. It’s not even our first Kickstarter that has to run under the restrictions of licensed IP, we’ve done at least six.

So what is it about this Kickstarter that is different? I think it’s podcasts like this. But first, some context.

We went to Matt Riddle and Ben Pinchback at the end of 2015 and asked them to make a game for us with the following constraints:

  • Cooperative play
  • 1 – 4 players
  • 30 – 45 minutes
  • Thematic (it has to feel like The Goonies)
  • 108 cards
  • Easy to learn, but still some challenge for the more hardcore gaming community
  • Approachable enough for non-gamers

The perfect game for a publisher right? Something anyone can play that has replay value and can still ramp up the challenge level once you’ve mastered some of the gameplay.

The thing is, they delivered. The Goonies: Adventure Card Game is everything that I asked for. It’s fun, it’s thematic, and between the three of us, we’ve probably played it close to three hundred times. You know what? I still like playing it with people. I can’t say that about most games.

The Goonies- Adventure Card Game

I know what you’re thinking, “I really feel for you Erik, you have to make an awesome game using one of the best movies of your childhood.” But hear me out. It’s a ton of pressure.

We have this great thing and it’s all on me to make it successful or to fail.

I have to get the pricing just right: enough to cover production costs, shipping, licensing fees, etc. AND still make a profit. I have to do this on Kickstarter while still providing a reason for backers to support us now instead of waiting until it gets to Amazon or their local FLGS.

It has to have free shipping and it has to be EU-Friendly. On top of that, I’m negotiating to get us worldwide rights to sell it, because I know how many of our international friends will be disappointed if they see this great game and can’t buy it.

The Goonies- Adventure Card Game 2

We have to get everything done in time to get the files to the manufacturer to make our delivery date. We need graphics for the Kickstarter, Facebook ads, Kicktraq ads, and the rulebook needs to be completed to get out onto BGG before launch.

There are bloggers to contact and prototypes to finish so that we might get some favorable reviews to post on the project.

At the end of the day, I’m really just hoping we do right by Ben & Matt. They’ve created an amazing game and I want to make sure that we do everything we can to make sure it gets the recognition that it deserves.

So while I am anxious about the whole endeavor, I’m also very hopeful of the final outcome. There is a ton of work to do, but it’s so much easier when you know the end product is totally going to be worth it.

If you had the chance to make a game from one of your favorite properties, what would you choose?

4 thoughts on “The Goonies (and the benefits of working from home)

  1. So just so I’m sure, the kickstarter isn’t out yet right, because I totally want to join it for this game, but I can’t find anything, I played with you at PAX South, tons of fun, even though the game beat us.

  2. Thanks for coming out to PAX and playing with us! You are correct, the Kickstarter is not out yet. We’re shooting for mid to late March depending on how the timing goes on a few other things.

  3. Rather than looking at the FLGS as your competition, include a game store level on your kickstarter. Let me order by the case and bump the number when I have extra preorders to add.

    We’re on the same team. We see hundreds of people a week, some of which are asking about your game, most of which know nothing about it. All of them are fans of boardgames. Rather than directing them elsewhere or hearing about yet another kickstarter that offers me nothing as a retailer, I would love to start getting OUR customers excited about YOUR game.

  4. Hi Priscilla,
    We don’t feel that retail stores are competition and we are open to hearing new ways we can work together to accomplish that same goal: putting great games into the hands of gamers.

    Would you mind elaborating as to why you think we see retailers as competition?

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